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Dance must be considered as residing within the parameters of art, of its history and evolution, although it seems that dance has moved along different paths to other art forms. We feel the necessity to dance, create and choreograph with our attention clearly fixed on the here and now, paying close attention to the contemporary social, ideological and artistic contexts. It is vital, for us, to bring dance closer to those who are not familiar with it. For this reason it is necessary to cultivate closeness and complicity with the audience.

Taiat’s work tends to be temperamental, with large doses of complaint, moved by passion and commitment. All of their pieces are born from impulses, from the need to share an idea, from a situation or even from a dancing bet with the spectators. After that first bold start comes the analysis, the reflection and a committed dramaturgy that accompanies all its choreographic works.

They are motivated by the constant search for new languages of movement, the alteration of well-known dance structures and techniques. They work with the inspiration to distort and renew so as to discover anew the possibilities of dance and the body. Their pieces are constructed in a way that is closer to a cinematographic discourse than to theatrical parameters. Their intention is always to present, using the body as the principal actor, their desires, obsessions and conflicts.

Meritxell Barberá and Inma García, with degrees in Classical and Contemporary dance from the city of Valencia, founded their own company Taiat Dansa in the year 2003. Since then they have presented their creations in different prestigious venues and festivals within Spain as Dansa València, Sagunt a Escena, the Teatro Principal and Rialto, as well as the Palau de les Arts in València; Mercat de les Flors and Festival Grec  in Barcelona; Cuarta Pared, La Casa Encendida, and Teatros del Canal in Madrid; International Festival Masdanza and the Teatro Guimerá in Canarias; the Teatro Central in Sevilla; Cádiz en Danza; the Teatro Gayarre in Pamplona; Festival Periferias in Huesca; Festival Alter-Arte in Murcia; and Festival Danza Gijón in Asturias, among others. In museum spaces, the company has typically been accompanied by an educational work, such as IVAM and MuVIM in Valencia, MACBA (Contemporary art museum in Barcelona), Museum of the City of New York, IAACC Pablo Serrano in Zaragoza, CAAC (Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art in Sevilla), CAC (Contemporary Art Center of Malaga), Guggenheim Bilbao or the Artium in Vitoria. In the international scene they have performed their work in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the United States.

Also, since 2009 they have worked with other companies as choreographers both nationally and internationally. This way they had begun to transfer their particularly distinctive hallmark to other companies like Ballet Hispánico of New York, DanceWorks Chicago and Ballet de la Generalitat Valenciana. They have created pieces for this companies where the choreographic elements have a close relationship with an exhaustive dramatic work feeded by cinema, literatura and art. The music is also another vital consideration element, they work with the musician Caldo from the beginning of the company and he has been the responsable of the original music in their works from the first piece that Taiat has performed. In the future they will still go on tour and dance with their own pieces and creating new different works for Taiat and other companies at an international level.

Parallel to this work, after Meritxell completed a Degree in Journalism and Inma a Degree in Art History, they both attained a Masters in Management of Cultural Services in 2003 and later a Diploma in Management of Performing Arts at the Valencia University. Upon completing these studies, the two choreographers decided to initiate a new artistic challenge as Cultural Managers. Together they created the contemporary art fair Valencia.Art which was celebrated annually at the Museo del Carmen in Valencia between 2004 and 2009 and brought together more than 30 galleries and more than 200 plastic artists from both the national and international art scene. Currently, they are directing the festival Festival 10 Sentidos as an annual event and have been doing so since 2011 in different theatres, museums, cultural spaces, and public spaces in Valencia. Dance, theatre and music companies from within and from outside the national borders take part. This festival is a showcase for the works of creators of varying physical capacities from across different disciplines including the plastic, audiovisual and literary arts.

The Festival 10 Sentidos has the satisfaction of having turned this encounter with art (scenic, plastic, film, audiovisual, literary, didactic …) into both nationally and internationally recognised example and in a must-see event every year in Valencia. This contest, from a critical spirit and reflection on the current society, highlights issues that concern our community in each edition, as well as the power of art as a catalyst of the social action. The Festival 10 Sentidos was created more than five years ago with the intention of portraying works by artists with disabilities together with artists without apparent disability, and in the successive editions it has since been transformed into a festival with a strong social discourse as opposed to only supporting artists with disabilities. Every year the programming is structured according to a particular motto that strives to highlight problems that affect our society.

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