Taiat Dansa and Caldo have been working together since the company was born in 2003. Every performance piece created by Taiat Dansa is backed by an original music score composed by Caldo. They work together in tandem, building the dramaturgy and constructing, together, the particular message that motivates each work. Caldo, also known as David Barberá, talks about himself:

“High up between roofs, antennas and satellite dishes, surrounded by cables and dust, Caldo works. His musical career, since 2001, has encompassed personal projects and work for others. Short films, documentaries, spots, commercials, radio programs; music for music, for nobody or for whoever wants it, and, above all, music for Taiat Dansa.”
He works with the same excitement and motivation regardless of the location of the premiere, whether it is to be Almussafes or New York. Caldo´s death was programmed for more than seven years ago, but the creator himself declared, a short time before 2009´s Christmas Eve, “I will think about it”. He is still very much alive and has continued, since then, to awaken a true furore amongst his family and friends although, surprisingly, Caldo doesn´t remember a single time his wife has listened to his music of her own free will.

In addition to Taiat´s hits, where Caldo’s work is always received with admiration and respect, it is worth noting that in 2008 he composed the original soundtrack of the short film “Salvador, historia de un milagro cotidiano”, winner of the Goya award as best in its category.

It was especially exciting for Caldo to discover that a girl recorded one of his albums. Since then (almost eight years ago) he can´t stop thinking about it. Who did she copy the album from, what did it include, how did she label it, and, why not say it, had he missed out on a unique opportunity of having sex with a fan? Unfortunately, Caldo does not remember her face, or her name. Not long ago, Caldo had some urological issues but he had surgery and got them resolved. Nowadays, Caldo urinates, in his own words, “Fucking Good!”.