“Love stories are not history, they do not obey chronologies. Love stories know something of diaries, very little of anniversaries, and nothing of yearbooks. In love there are, at most, times. And in the times of love there is above all Time: climates, seasons, gradients of humidity and dryness, of mist and light. Disasters, sometimes. The substance of the loves that can be told is, at bottom, the same capacity for boredom that makes us talk about the weather for lack of more compelling subjects. Love is a way of watching the world happen, taking comfort in its slowness, in its insignificance. Love is to have nothing more to say to each other, and to go on together, simply looking in the same direction, towards the same horizon of suns and clouds. Love is a nest of shared inaction in the storm outside”.

Roberto Fratini

Love takes the pulse in the new piece by the company Taiat Dansa. On this occasion, created and danced by its own choreographers, Meritxell, Barberá & Inma García.

Both dancers will share with the audience an intense journey through the different seasons, as a metaphor, where their relationship and love always prevails, in the face of any inclement weather that each season of the year brings.

In this way they will share their story. The story of two women who have already gone through more than 20 springs, more than 20 summers, more than 20 autumns and more than 20 winters together. A love that is proof against waterfalls, tides, storms, snowfalls and high temperatures.

Company: Taiat Dansa

Idea, direction y coreography: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García

Dancers: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García y la colaboración especial de Mauricio Pérez Fayos

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini

Audiovisual Design: Juanma Carrillo

Original Music: Caldo

Costume design: Estudio Savage

Scenic Space Design: David Orrico

Scenic Space Realization: Los reyes del mambo

Ligthing Design: Vitamin Arte

Technical Direction: David Orrico

Photography: Juanmi Ponce (Media PS)

Video: David Novella

Production and distribution: Marta Fernández

Graphic Design: Pilar Estrada

Press and comunication: Inventa