The new production of the company Taiat Dansa dives into the game and the avant-garde of the hand of the children’s audience. 

Children will enter the theater and will enter, as in an adventure, in a staging that will reveal the mysteries of the number 3 and its load of meanings. An exploration of the basic shapes-sphere, cube and pyramid – and the colors yellow, pink and black. Guided by the performers of the piece, they will discover images and ideas that will bring them closer to art and the principles of the historic Bauhaus school and its philosophy. 

Based on the company’s piece for adults, THREE by Triadic Ballet, the directors of Taiat Dansa, Meritxell Barberá & Inma García, propose in ‘Bauhaus Games’ a journey through art, crafts, design and immersive architecture with the participation of the little ones.

Along with the dancers, reminiscent of the original choreography, a new character will emerge to guide them through the different spaces. Through play, children will discover art and creativity and will be the protagonists of the movement themselves. Recovering the key ideas of Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, the three colors (pink, yellow and black) and the three geometric figures (square, circle and triangle) will be the constants of the new creation that maintains the mystery of the number three as a catalyst for fun.

Idea and direction:  Taiat Dansa
Choreography: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Lara Misó, Wilma Puentes and Julia Cambra
Original Music: David Barberá (Caldo)
Ligthing and Scenography: David Orrico & Nacho Roland
Stage Manager: Andrés Tamarit
Visuals: Pilar Estrada
Video: Cinestorm
Photo: Almudena Soullard
Executive production: Ana Cembrero
Management and distribution: Ana Cembrero