La Otra Parte

This is about the darkest side of human nature, that which is hidden. It confronts the reality of the violence that each one of us can generate, and which springs from deep in our nature. It digs deep into the forces behind our actions, our primitive instincts. It is something recognizable to us all and these instincts bind us to our primal, animal nature.

This work proposes the acceptance of what we are and of the natural origins of our violent actions from their birth as internal convulsions to their translation into the physical realm and their effects on our bodily behavior. Dance is the vehicle in which to arrive at this primitive state of being, and martial arts techniques are a method with which to manifest this state.

Idea and artistic direction: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García.

Dancers: Borja Lull, Aarón Feliu, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá.

Director of original music: Caldo.

Original music creation: Caldo and Cuneta.

Texts: Mikel Labastida.

Voice in off: Juan Carlos Iniesta.

Photography and original idea for script: Mira Bernabeu.

Lighting design: Yahvé Ramos.

Wardrobe: Taiat Dansa.

Stage Manager: Jaime Belda.

Executive production: Maríaje Mercader.

Production Assistant: Bárbara Lenge.

Graphic Design: Carlos García and Mira Bernabeu.

Press and comunication: Inventa.

Production: Festival VEO.

Coprpoduction: Festival VEO, La Casa Encendida, Centro de las Artes Universidad Alcalá de Henares, INAEM.