Man Ray

Taiat Dansa’s Man Ray focuses on the photographer’s fetishistic relationship with his muses; therefore, on all relationships between male artists and their female models. Sometimes they inspire; other times they are simply objects.

Relationships are extreme, especially between Surrealist artists. They present a certain degree of manipulation of the images of women’s bodies and their sexuality throughout Art History. In this work, Man Ray multiplies; all his identities appear obsessively and reflect a structure of reality dictated by men. According to their rules, their cameras, their photographic eyes.

When Breton declared that “beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all,” he never imagined that, of all the shocking elements of the Surrealist discourse, the most shocking would be the “click” of Man Ray’s camera.

Idea and direction: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García

Choreography: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García in collaboration with the dancers.

Dancers: Cristina Reolid, Cristian Arenas, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Kilian García, Jon López, Joel Mesa, Martxel Rodríguez, Mauricio Pérez.

Rehearsal Director: José Belda.

Artistic Consultancy: Roberto Fratini.

Dramaturgy: Eva Zapico.

Music composed by: Caldo (David Barberá).

Movement: Taiat Dansa.

Costumes: Estudio Savage.

Stage Design: Luis Crespo.

Audiovisual production: David Novella.

Vídeo Mapping: Sergi Palau.

Lighting Design: Ramón Jiménez.

Technical direction: Mundi Gómez.

Production, Management y International Relations: Marta Fernandéz.

Graphic Design: Pilar Estrada.

Comunication: Inventa.

Press: Adriana Cabeza.

Co-production: Festival Grec de Barcelona 2017, Institut Valencià de Cultura, Ballet de la Generalitat, Sagunt a Escena 2017 e INAEM.