This video-dance shows a direct confrontation between fighting bodies, in a state of violence, and dancing bodies, stripped of any hint of aggressive or combative behavior. The action is presented as a choreographic sequence of encounters between five martial artists and two dancers, creating a fusion between kung fu and dance.

A display of two ways of understanding movement, two attitudes manifested through the body, different ways of training and moving through space. Two methods both very similar and distant from each other. In nature, in an outer space, physical impulses can manifest freely in human form. A view of the action holds the space, but in the inner world of the performers the different roles and the juxtaposition of linked steps dictate the form of the movement, ultimately drawing the body into the encounter. Combat keeps the martial arts body alert. When it is mixed with dance it becomes a physical and aesthetic state.

Martial arts add their own expressive subjectivity, a new dimension to space. The stage setting fragments both vision and time, affecting movement and adding greater dynamism to the space where the choreography takes place.

Direction and choreographic creation: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García.

Dancers and martial artists: Raúl Boitía, Leticia Pérez, Josemi del Río, Borja Lull, Inma García, Aarón Feliu and Meritxell Barberá.

Film: Nacho Blanco.

Stage Directors: Ángel Guillermo García, Nacho Blanco, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá.

Music: Vivaldi.

Wardrobe: Eleven.

Coproduction: Consellería de Cultura, Consorcio de Museos, Centro del Carmen and Instituto Francés de Valencia.