Dansa de Cambra

Dansa de cambra is a work that calls for a plain dance and choreography, with dancers as the only stage decoration. The idea came after an intense workshop where the choreographic repertoire was carefully revisited. This work was created for the four dancers in the workshop: Rafa Arnal, Ramón Vera and the dancers and choreographers of Taiat Dansa, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá.

From the beginning, both choreographers felt the impulse to revisit all their work to date. In fact, Taiat’s productions have always arisen from a strong impulse of some sort. There was always something moving their imaginations, whether it was a small gesture, a period of their lives, love, an image, a movement, the way people dance at night, how they walk, the idea of an emerging movement, instinct or the animal side. Dance and choreography is the language to express these states.

Dansa de cambra is a choreographic exploration of a carefully selected number of scenes. As a collection of rescued movements and moods from the past, the repertoire never replicated them but incorporated them as the origins of a new movement.

Direction and choreographic creation: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García.

Dancers: Rafa Arnal, Ramón Vera, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá.

Original music: David Barberá (Caldo).

Ligthing design: Yahvé Ramos.

Wardrobe: Taiat Dansa.

Management and production: Maríaje Mercader.

Photography: José Luis Abad.

Video: Nacho Blanco, Juan Bernardo Pineda, Inma García and Meritxell Barberá.

Press and comunication: Inventa.

Coproduction: Teatres Generalitat Valenciana, Ajuntament de València, INAEM.