La Odisea

La Odisea of a secondary actor was commissioned to Taiat Dansa to represent the twelfth rhapsody of Homer’s Odyssey as part of a celebration of the new edition of FMR Arté at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, in October 2004. The original show featured Taiat’s choreography and Caldo’s music in collaboration with soprano Elma Sambeat.

The excellent reception of this 20 minutes performance encouraged Taiat Dansa to create a longer version, with a special interest in the music. This one-hour version, however, could not only depend on the original work. The solution was to keep the original elements, add live music (with Caldo and Elma Sambeat, but also with Edu Marín’s bass and drums and Remi Jabveneau’s steeldrum) and intertwine the musicians and dancers interpretation of the sirens with a personal odyssey, based on the Homeric topics of sex, morality and personal decadence.

The show evolves further at La Casa Encendida, in March 2006, and a month later, its definitive version was developed, when we finally understand that we are representing ourselves on stage.

Idea and Musical Direction: Caldo.

Sophrano: Elma Sambeat.

Bass: Edu Marín.

Drums: Remi Jabveneau.

Dancers: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García.

Choreography: Taiat Dansa.

Lighting design: Víctor Antón.

Wardrobe: Taiat Dansa.

Stage Design: Nacho Ruiz.

Graphic Design: Concepto Gráfico.

Photography: Jose L. Abad.

Press: Inventa.

Executive Production: Amaia Morató.