NHM. Choreographic Installation

NO HALF MEASURES is a choreographic installation that justifies the relation of dance to the space where it is performed, be it on stage, at a museum or in an unconventional space. The identities of the dancers are seen through a collection of self portraits.

The work begins with 4 dancers sitting on chairs with images of their faces in frames, like portraits on a wall. The faces appear in constant motion, building a story that shows what happens with time.

Artistic avant-garde movements evolve into a dialogue of dance and time. Each dancer behaves accordingly to the space, the dimension and aesthetic experience. The dance acquires its meaning depending on the performance location.

The scene provides an overview of individual thought that manifests itself in a constant melee. A liberal bet in recognizing your self in a place of recent collective identity.

The dancers place blind trust in movements without mediocrities and make compelling choices in each location where this choreographic installation is presented.

Idea and direction: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García

Choreography: Meritxell Barberá & Inma García in collaboration with the dancers.

Dancers: Jon López, Martxel Rodríguez, Diana Huertas and Cristina Reolid.

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini.

Management: Marta Fernández.

Stage Design: Taiat Dansa.

Wardrobe: Taiat Dansa.

Comunication: Inventa.

Video: DNR Media.

Coproduction: IETM International Plenary Meeting, Teatro Inestable, INAEM.