Tres. De ballet triádico

Premier on February 14th in La Mutant, Espai d’arts vives (Valencia)

The choreographers of the company Taiat Dansa, Meritxell Barberá & Inma García, face in this new work the desire to explore the possibilities and the visual, aesthetic, spatial and performative revolution of Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet. The main idea is to propose a new contemporary vision of this emblematic piece for the history of art, which, precisely, was crucial for the visual arts, but it had little influence on the history of dance, choreography and the arts of movement.

Triadic Ballet is an avant-garde exploration of space, time, dance and human body, which was created by Oskar Schlemmer, one of the great masters of Bauhaus, the most famous school of artistic experimentation in history. Schelemmer believed vehemently in liberating the ideas of art from the restrictions imposed by the canon and saw in dance the ideal manifestation to approach it in a scenic way.

The term ‘triadic’ is related to the number three, the most important and dominant according to Oscar Schlemmer, who defended that in this issue the collective begins, after overcoming the Ego and dualism. At this point, the choreographers of Taiat Dansa in cooperation with the Brazilian choreographer, Ismael Ivo, and de French choreografer Rachid Ouramdane will work together in a piece directed by Taiat Dansa but choreographed by the three creators, where each one will be in charge of a choreographic sequence to compose the three parts of this ballet. The cast of three dancers will be modified here by three female dancers, instead of two men and one woman, which was Schlemmer’s original cast. The directors and choreographers of Taiat Dansa have invited both choreographers to compose together this piece divided into three scenes and to delve into the union of this odd collective and all its possible choreographic, spatial and relationship considerations between the three dancers, also going deeply into the emotional and personal implications of the smallest collective.

Three dancers, three choreographers and three stage sequences. Form, colour and space. The three dimensions of space: height, width and depth. The basic forms: sphere, cube and pyramid. The three colours of the original piece from Schlemmer: yellow, pink, black. Dance, costumes and music. All these will be the ingredients that will count THREE of Triadic Ballet from Taiat Dansa.

All the dances of this piece will be taken to the extreme, almost to the extenuation of the human body, to turn the movement of this historical proposal also towards the primitive, the instinctive, towards an emerging movement quality and to humanize the three dancers that compose this choreographic cast.

Idea & direction: Taiat Dansa.

Choreography:  Ismael Ivo, Rachid Ouramdane, Meritxell Barberá & Inma García.

Dancers: Cristina Reolid, Diana Huertas and Valentina Staltari.

Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini.

Original Soundtrack: David Barberá (Caldo).

Costumes Design: Estudio Savage.

Audiovisual Production: David Novella.

Photography: Marta Fernández.

Scenographic Concept: Taiat Dansa and David Orrico.

Communication: Inventa.

Media: Adriana Cabeza.

Graphic Design: Pilar Estrada.

Video: Denver Producciones.

Management: Marta Fernández.